10 things yule need to know this morning in Australia

Ho ho yo. See if you can spot the theme in the final 10 Things for 2015.

1. Make tomorrow night special, as you won’t see another Christmas night like this until 2034. Because this:

Brightly shone the moon. Here’s why it’s going to be hard for Santa to hide.

2. Here’s something else which hasn’t happened for a long, long time. It’s got to do with yet another silent night on the Dow, and sorry to bring you all down, but it’s not good.

3. Cheers what you need to know on markets. The SPI futures index has a festive feel, pointing to a gain of 72 points on the open. The Australian dollar has logged some more gains overnight, but it seems to have a north pole at 0.7250, with resistance kicking in repeatedly a few pips below. It was trading at 0.7241 shortly after 8am this morning. The Dow was up 1% overnight.

4. The worst Christmas windows are at David Jones in Elizabeth St, Sydney, which is sad, because for so long they’ve been the best. The retailer – and its new owner, Woolworths – is getting caned on Facebook. This rant from Lisa Howard summed it up perfectly. Luckily, hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones is in the spirit with the most epic lights display at his home in Greenwich, Connecticut. And BI’s Hollis Johnson visited the Brooklyn neighbourhood of Dyker Heights which is famous for the best displays in all of the US – and that’s saying something.

5. Have you performed a Feat of Strength yet? The “Festivus for the rest of us” episode of “Seinfeld” is a must-watch tonight once you’ve got a few sherries in and most of the presents wrapped. “The Strike” was also the scene of one of Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ most uncontrollable giggle fits which always struck in the last hour of filming and caused everyone to be late home. This one had to be re-shot about 30 times. Here’s Elaine stuffing it, over and over. Rudrofl.

6. Tex messages. Political and corporate strategist Mark Textor — widely recognised as one of Australia’s finest readers of public sentiment — has joined Business Insider as a columnist. In case you missed it, here’s his debut for BI: a thought-provoking piece on the future of consumer control over private data in the digital age. He’ll be sleighing us with his thoughts every two weeks on Business Insider starting in January.

7. Tackling a turkey tomorrow? Save space in the oven by simply tying a high voltage wire to each end of the turkey using forks. That’s what John Cohn, chief scientist of design automation at IBM, will be doing. And here are eight other absurdly geeky, potentially un-elfy, ways to cook a Christmas turkey.

8. What’s going on at Pandora? You might have seen the Apple Store-esque queues outside the jewelry retailer this Christmas:

But hey, didn’t Pandora die in like, 2010? Yes, but the Second Coming began in February, when it finally had some presence in Asia. Namely China, which instantly grew to gobble up a third of its global sales. And here in Australia, everyone’s in love with them again because of this lucrative partnership it’s formed.

9. Christmas Beatles:

Celebrate, finally, if you’re a Beatles fan and have been missing them on Spotify, Apple Music, Slacker, Tidal, Groove, Rhapsody, Deezer, Google Play and Amazon Prime.

10. A good year? If you’re Bill Gates, you might have said that around this time every year since, ooh, 1978. But this year has been especially good for the Microsoft co-founder, because of these six things which he felt were worth wrapping about.

You’ve suffered enough. @FarkersFarkers out for the year. Thanks for reading, humouring me, have a great day tomorrow, and stay safe.

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