A man suspected of carrying a knife managed to get into the AFP’s Sydney office

A man, allegedly armed with a knife, managed to gain access to the Australian Federal Police offices in Sydney this week.

Late on Friday, the AFP confirmed a security breach occurred at its Sydney office on Goulburn Street on Tuesday, December 8.

A 22-year-old has been charged with trespassing and a number of other offences as a result. He appeared before Sydney Central Local Court on Wednesday.

An investigation into the breach is currently underway, but the AFP says an initial review of the incident indicates the breach of security protocols “was caused by human error”.

The AFP says no specific threat was issued against AFP employees or infrastructure, but it’s believed the man managed to make it to the counter-terrorism offices inside the building and there are also reports a samurai sword was allegedly found in the man’s car.

The AFP said it has stringent security in place for all its sites and as the matter is currently before the court it is not appropriate to comment further.

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