Here are 8 of Sydney’s most expensive small properties

There’s been a lot of talk about Sydney’s red-hot property market.

Some say it’s a bubble while others think it is affordable, as long as you get a good job that pays a good wage.

Whichever it is, there’s some expensive property out there.

Last week we brought you the most expensive sales in Sydney so far this year with the ten biggest sales alone having a combined value of just under $250 million.

But aside from its high-end properties, Sydney also has some tiny properties which are going for huge prices.

Earlier this year, a 2.85 metre wide terrace in Sydney’s Surry Hills district nearly fetched $1 million at auction. The pint-sized property sat on just 38 sqm of land, packing two bedrooms upstairs with separate dining and living rooms downstairs.

Here’s a look at some of the smallest properties in Sydney going for big prices.

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