Here’s an amazing visualisation of Australian politicians spending $1 million in just one month on flights

If you want to see how busy Australia’s federal politicians have been flying around the country, here’s the perfect visualisation:

Acquire Procurement Services spent “a few days” sorting through publicly available data from July 1 to December 1, 2014. (2015 data isn’t available yet.)

You’ll have to head over to the web site to see it in full motion, but it’s definitely worth a look.

Simon Thompson, author of the blog post “How to spend $1M a month on flights? Our politicians know” said recent scandals involving politicians’ travel allowances sparked the idea.

“We had a ball creating it,” he told BI. “It took about a week to do with a few long days.

“It was just the recent interest in travel expenses that got us interested. We then did some investigation to see what data was available and it just went from there.”

“Poli Flight” not only maps their travels, calculates the total amount of money spent on the flights, the number of kilometres travelled, and has a auto-updating Leaderboard.

“Yes, you can see how the politicians compete over time on how much money they are spending on flights,” Thompson writes.

Here’s a few of the stats Poli Flight threw up for the six-month period:

  • Our politicians covered just over 11,000,000 km’s in the air (just under 50,000 km’s per politician)
  • The average flight costs around $580
  • West Australian Senator Rachel Siewert topped the Leaderboard spending over $77k in the six month period
  • The Sydney to Canberra sector accounted for almost 1,500 flights (almost 11 flights per weekday)

And of course, all Bronwyn Bishop’s flights are available at a glance.

Head over and have a look at Poli Flight for yourself. It’s amazing.

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