Kelly Slater has opened up his secret wave pool to a bunch of pro surfers

Surfing world champion Kelly Slater has opened up his secret wave to a select group of pro surfers including Australian surfer Stephanie Gilmore, Nat Young, Carissa Moore and Kanoa Igarashi.

The American surfer has been working on the artificial wave creator since 2005 but its whereabouts was kept a secret until a Sydney surf forecaster uncovered the location last year after trawling through Reddit.

This is the first publicised session of the wave pool which is located 50 kilometres south of Fresno, California and is designed to be the “longest, rideable open-barrel man made wave in the world”.

“I was in the barrel going: ‘You should come out and try and do a turn’”, said Gilmore.

“Then I thought, ‘Are you kidding me? Who wants to get out of this barrel?’”

Here’s Gilmore in action:

You can check out more videos here.

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