More than 2000 Australians stranded in Bali after Denpasar Airport closed

More than 2000 Australians, many of them families with children returning to school on Monday, are stranded in Bali after a volcanic ash cloud forced Denpasar Airport and four other Indonesian airports to close.

All flights scheduled to fly in and out of Bali yesterday were cancelled after it was found that ash and dangerous plumes from Mt Raung in Indonesia had blown into the flight path out of the airports.

Both Virgin Australia and Jetstar have cancelled nearly all scheduled flights today between Australia and Denpasar, Bali with some under review.

The airlines’ operational teams will assess flying conditions with the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC) to determine whether it will be safe to fly again later this evening and tomorrow morning.

Flights cancelled by Jetstar for today:

  • JQ 47 – Brisbane to Denpasar
  • JQ 44 – Denpasar to Melbourne
  • JQ 110 – Perth to Denpasar
  • JQ 109 – Denpasar to Perth

Flights cancelled by Virgin Australia for today:

  • VA 55 PER DPS –0700L
  • VA 49 MEL DPS –0905L
  • VA 65 SYD DPS –1115L
  • VA 41 BNE DPS –1005L
  • VA 74 DPS PHE –1135L
  • VA 73 PHE DPS –1535L
  • VA 39 ADL DPS –1610L
  • VA 69 SYD DPS –1830L

The following services are under review by Virgin Australia:

  • VA 36 DPS ADL –1440L
  • VA 46 DPS BNE –2210L
  • VA 54 DPS MEL –2210L
  • VA 62 DPS PER –2210L
  • VA 64 DPS SYD –0020L+1 (Departs early Sunday morning)
  • VA 40 DPS BNE –110L+1 (Departs early Sunday morning)

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