PHOTOS: Proof that Sydney does better storms than Melbourne

Excitement mounted yesterday when the Bureau of Meteorology announced Melbourne was facing a massive twister.

But little like the Loch Ness Monster, there was only one supposed sighting of the elusive tornado.

And it remained unconfirmed by the BOM, no other pictures emerged, which leads to the old existential question, if a tornado hits Melbourne and there’s no one there to Instagram it, did it ever really exist?

While there was flashing flooding in Melbourne’s CBD and 200 calls to emergency services, there was no reported damage. But at least the tornado had its own Twitter account.

It was a disappointment for many, and then the Sydneysiders moved in.

And we all know Victoria can do better.

Today, after a sunny start to the day, Sydney’s competitive streak against its southern rival came through, along with a dramatic shelf cloud.

It too, was thankfully harmless, but at least it looked apocalyptic as it headed past Bondi Beach.

And if you were at sculpture by the Sea, it was just a little too Sharknado.

Your move, Melbourne.

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