Qantas crew will make good on their promise to wear the All Blacks jerseys tomorrow

Qantas crew have promised to wear the All Blacks jersey tomorrow after losing their bet to Air New Zealand following the loss of the Wallabies to the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup final.

In what started out as friendly banter earlier this week on Twitter quickly turned into a serious airline wager on Twitter with both national carriers putting bets on what the other should do if their respective team lost.

While Air New Zealand originally suggested Qantas paint its planes all black with “Dan’s the man”, “Go Richie!!!” and “Simply the best” written all over it, they eventually settled to have Qantas crew don the All Blacks jersey on Monday morning.

Air New Zealand will hand over the All Blacks jerseys to Qantas staff tomorrow.

Qantas crew members on flight QF143, which departs at 10am from Sydney to Auckland, will have to wear the jerseys when greeting passengers followed by an onboard announcement that Air New Zealand officially won the wager, according to Qantas strategic communications manager Thomas Woodward.

Qantas took to Twitter shortly after the World Cup final to make good on their promise.

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