Rupert Murdoch thinks Australia has ‘large problems’

Former Australian Rupert Murdoch was visiting his birthplace and the local arm of his global media empire for the past few weeks. The US citizen has now returned home, but is ready to offer his opinion on what he saw here.

The News Corp executive chairman just posted nine tweets in under an hour, kicking off by saying Australia was a “beautiful country with great people”, but it had “large problems”,

Murdoch then set out his manifesto for the reform of politics and business, as well as offering his opinions on the protagonists.

The problem starts in Canberra, specifically, the upper house where a group of independents hold the balance of power, forcing the Abbott government to negotiate. He can see a way forward, but doubts Labor and the Coalition have the ability to see it through:

Next up echoing the Abbott government’s attacks on the environmental movement, he didn’t hold back.

Warming to the theme, he continuedL “Meanwhile world commodity prices in long term collapse as outrageous construction costs kill infrastructure projects” before turning his attention to the ALP, calling on the Liberals to act:

Then he weighed in on the issue the two sides of politics are currently skirmishing over – the Free Trade Agreement with China.

Two minutes later, he turned his attention to another major domestic concern the government has been focussed on: ice addiction.

There’s only one solution: an election. But Murdoch is positive about change and seems to suggest it’s time for the electoral broom to sweep at the old to make room for the new.

And while he’s not completely impressed by PM Tony Abbott, if there was an election, Murdoch left no doubt about who he’d be backing.

And after that flurry, Rupert Murdoch was gone leaving everyone else to ponder the entrails of his Twitter stream.

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