The US President just held a Twitter Q&A on healthcare, the Chicago Bulls and guacamole

United States President Barack Obama wrapped up a Twitter Q&A on healthcare but he also responded to some unrelated questions — and his answers were awesome.

After six years of presidency, the #TweeterInChief opened his first Twitter account in mid-May. And even though he’s only got 66 tweets under his belt, he’s been making the most of it.

Earlier this year, Obama and former president Bill Clinton had a cheeky Twitter exchange regarding the @POTUS Twitter handle.

So when Obama held a live-tweet #AskPOTUS Q&A from Nashville, Tennessee, people tuned in to send plenty of serious policy questions about the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid. But the President also took time to respond to off-subject queries about basketball, music and guacamole.

He began by posting a picture of himself with a glass of water and a keyboard, saying “Alright, let’s do this.”

He detailed his plans to continue expanding access to affordable health insurance.

But Obama wasn’t averse to straying from the topic either, professing his love of hip-hop and garage blues in the same tweet.

He also gave the Presidential Seal of Approval to the Chicago Bulls basketball team’s re-signing of guard Jimmy Butler.

And after it was all said and done, he encouraged people to keep the “healthcare conversation going”, signing off with:

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