Victoria is banning e-cigarettes in smoke-free places

E-cigarettes will be banned in smoke-free places across Victoria under new laws by the Andrews government.

The anti-smoking laws will treat e-cigarettes as tobacco and will prohibit vaping in outdoor dining areas such as restaurants, cafes, festivals as well as sporting events.

The measures will also mean that children under 18 won’t be able to purchase e-cigarettes. The aim is to curb young people from developing an early habit of smoking and becoming addicted to nicotine in their later years.

“We’re going to regulate them like they are a tobacco product and also make sure that we’re not really using e-cigarettes as a starting point for people to get a habit to then start cigarettes and then get addicted to nicotine,” minister for health and ambulance services Jill Hennessy told the ABC.

“We don’t want e-cigarettes being used to glamorise smoking by people under 18.” estimates that around 4,000 people in Victoria die every year from diseases caused by smoking.

The new laws are set to be introduced into parliament on Tuesday.

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