Virgin is changing its Velocity frequent flyer program, including the points you need

Virgin Australia has unveiled the first major changes to its Velocity frequent flyer program in five years.

The changes include a 50% reduction in the time before points expire, and while the points needed on domestic flights will rise, those needed on many longer hall flights will fall.

The points needed for most Australian economy flights will rise by 900 points, with a flight between Sydney and Melbourne increasing from 6,900 to 7,800. Premium economy seats will rise 1,300 and business seats by 1,700 points, pushing the cost of a business seat between Melbourne and Sydney to 15,500.

The points for all premium economy and business flights will all rise by between 800 and 2,500 points, but the points needed for economy flights longer than 2,400 miles will drop by between 200 and 2,700 points.

From June 1, 2016, Velocity members will need to earn or redeem points every 24 months, one year less than the previous 36 month expiry period.

Any points earned before that date are not affected by the change. Transferring points between family members or receiving points from family pooling no longer counts as eligible activity to stop points expiring and Velocity is applying the new rule retrospectively.

Velocity says it will notify members at least 30 days before their points expire.

Here’s a chart of the new Velocity points required from June 1.

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